What gets you out of your head?

Change your mindset with this simple tip, click to find out more! I don’t think there’s a person on the planet that doesn’t struggle with some form of overthinking & not slowing down mentally.

Whether it be the culture we live in, the demands of everyday life, or the constant state of “on” that we have learned to accept as normal… It feels incredibly uncomfortable and almost impossible to slow down mentally and relax.


Meditation feels like the tallest mountain, because slowing down your mind, even for a few minutes, feels like an impossibility.

What helps get you out of your head?

Is there something you’ve learned to do to snap out of the mind cycle and relax for a bit?

Starting here is the first step in learning how to move toward meditation. You don’t have to jump in head first to mastering meditation.   Ditch those overwhelmed feelings and let’s learn how to gain more control over where our mind goes first. You can do this slowly everyday.

I like taking time in the morning or before bed to fill my head with new thoughts! Think about “how” YOU want to feel, don’t focus on how you don’t want to feel and start meditating on the good stuff!

Even a few minutes a day of calming our mind, focusing on how we want to feel is a great place to start.

Need more tips on meditation?  In my 12 Day transformation there is a whole section on Meditation.  Check it out here and get started today!

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